Holiday information on Languedoc-Roussillon

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The best of France in just one region. Everything is to be found: picturesque villages, culture, mountains, sun, beach and of course the sea. With its vastness, warm sea water and gently sloping sandy beaches, Languedoc-Roussillon is an ideal holiday destination. The coast runs from Marseille - with the Camargue nextto it - to the border with Spain. There are lively seaside resorts along the coast and in the hinterland you can still experience the authentic France in many places; pure and without fuss. The hospitable French who are happy that you are there. The landscape is hardly affected and you will find quiet villages, vineyards and river beaches between the rocks.


The Gard stretches from Montpellier to Marseille (the city is intuitively part of the Côte d ´Azur – thus we described it there). When you drive away from the coast you enter an enchanting and varied landscape. The remains of the Roman era are often well preserved and restored.

Towns like Uzès with a famous cathedral and an ancient and very charming towncenter: stroll through the streets with boutiques and terraces, or the weekly market; it is a real treat.

Nearby you will find the Pont du Gard: an aqueduct of no less than 40km that wasbuilt in the first century. It ran from Uzes to Nimes. It is an impressive example ofbridge engineering and very photogenic. During the summer months you can take a dip in the river and admire the aqueduct from the water.

Nîmes and Arles

Both in Nîmes and in Arles you can indulge in history; beautiful remains of amphitheatres and cathedrals. These cities are lively all year round with Nîmes being a student city and Arles getting a chic élan by all the artists who have settled there and opened a variety of colorful galleries.

Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Avignon

At the Rhône, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon and Avignon are opposite each other, separated by the impressively wide Rhône River. Villeneuve-lès-Avignon is small and attractive. Nice to spend an afternoon and eat in one of the excellent restaurants. Avignon; here you can spend days. The history of the Pauses, museums and many street artists from all over the world who show you their artshere. The rocks that are part of the historic city wall and mysterious streets that lead to hidden squares make this city unprecedentedly adventurous and atmospheric. Avignon is part of the Provence that we have already written about.

Aigues Mortes

In the 13th century, France wanted to develop its relationship with the East and Italy and built this city. Complete with a row of towers, impressive city walls and a beautiful centre consisting of winding streets that are full of souvenir shops, terraces and almost all end up at a beautiful central square with fountain. You can climb the walls and from the highest tower there is a breath-taking view overthe vast plains of the Camargue. Close by are the beaches and the port of Le Grau-du-Roi (delicious fresh fish from the sea on the grill and then on your plate, with a chilled white wine of course). You can drive (or cycle) there in no time.

Aigues-Mortes 3

Let the French region the Hérault surprise you this holiday with its cozy villages, unspoilt landscapes, long sandy beaches and plenty of heritage, including the bustling city of Montpellier; this sunny region has it all. A lovely place to enjoy French life and relax with a glass of wine in your hand. Enjoy culture, taste and experience nature? The versatile department of Hérault in the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon is a wonderful place for this! Taste the wines of the region or take a trip through Parc Naturel Régional du Haut Languedoc.The old cathedrals in historic Beziers, the beaches of Cap d'Agde and the Canal du Midi are also not to be missed during a holiday in the Hérault. This departmentis a wonderful year-round destination where you can also enjoy the sun in the autumn and spring as the temperature is still lovely.

Canal du Midi

This is a channel that connects the Mediterranean at Sète with the Atlantic at Bordeaux. Along the canal are old hunting trails that are used as cycling and walking paths. At many locks you will find restaurants and you can watch the liveliness of all the boats passing through. Enjoy, just like us, the often hilarious situations that occur during the descent or rise of the holiday boats.

Canal du Midi 1
Canal du Midi 2
Canal du Midi 3

We dare say the hippest city in this region. Lots of street art, musicians and hip bars. The Medieval centre, full of old streets that wind up slowly, has many surprises. Beautiful architecture and they have their own Arc de Triomphe.


Béziers is one of the many beautiful cities in Languedoc-Roussillon. Besides a beautiful cathedral you will find nearb the locks of Fonsenarres; 7 lock gates with which the boats overcome a height difference of 21.5 meter over a length of 312 meter.


When we first saw Minerve we were united in our emotion: wonder. After many winding roads it suddenly lay there in the deep. The low-lying river passed under the high, almost fragile, bridge. To a stone town, balancing on rocks. When you walk here it is suddenly so easy to imagine how people lived during the period of the Cathars. You can enjoy lunch and dinner in one of the restaurants, then you can enjoy the view and the excellent meals (we recommend that you make a reservation). Finally, we request that you also look at the Romanesque church on the central square.


When you cross the bridge, towards Roquebrun, it looks like you are entering a living painting. It is hard to believe that this really exists. Located on the banks ofthe Roquebrun, there are pebble streets and cafes where you will find yourself among the villagers. Here you can rent a kayak or swim in the river, where the water is pleasantly fresh even in summer.


We think this is one of the most beautiful villages in the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Small and very cozy. Museums, clothing stores, art galleries and of courserestaurants and wine bars. Take a look and be enchanted.


Sète is a cozy seaside resort with a beautiful harbor where the restaurants on thequay offer a beautiful view on the old town. The chefs buy directly from the boats; it can hardly be fresher. After lunch, relax on a beach bed with a comfortable pillow under a parasol, the sound of the waves and the children playing in it ... holidays.


Adventures, secrets, castles, rocks, walks through the Black Mountains with wild thyme, and vineyards as far as the eye can reach; that is the Aude. Here you will find a diversity that will keep you yearning to return, you will never be bored. Moreover, the Canal du Midi, about which we spoke earlier (Hérault), flows even more generously through the Aude. We have many nice addresses of restaurants for you.We recommend anyone who loves castles to go to Carcassonne. A fortified city that young and old will enjoy. To cool off after all that excitement you can go to alarge lake within 10km of Carcassonne. In the forest you can climb (special climb park) and there are huge inflated toys on the water.

Aude 1
Aude 2
Aude 3
Homps 2
Homps 3

Also at Homps, itself located on the Canal du Midi, you will find a large lake with playground equipment and a restaurant with a terrace on the watel. The wine regions, we were once allowed to help with harvesting and we fell in love with this region, are called Minervois and Corbières. On the world level, these are increasingly causing a furore. And we can confirm that they are delicious. From light, sunny simple wines to wines with a particularly complex bouquet and everything in between; we are happy to give you the addresses of the wineries that we frequent ourselves.