Let us arrange your rentals

Villa will relieve you concerning the rentals.

You are considering renting out your house, or you are already renting it out and would like to know how it works at Villa? Villa takes care of you as an owner and is happy to get in touch with you.


It can be lucrative when you decide to rent out your (second) home in France. Villa Vakantiewoningen is a professional organisation, which has specialised in the rental of exclusive and/or luxury holiday homes - mostly villas with a private swimming pool - since its foundation in 1994. We offer a high level of quality and service, as a result of which we have built up a very good reputation and have connected many regular customers to us.

If we come to the conclusion that your property matches our offer, we will be happy to discuss all the details with you. Personal contact with you as the owner is essential for a good cooperation.

There is one point we would like to clarify: you decide which periods are available.
Each property is visited by us personally. We do this not only to give our clients as clear a picture as possible of the villas, but also to make the rental of your villa run as smoothly as possible. To be absolutely sure that there is an excellent match, we contact every (potential) tenant.

Nowadays the internet is the most important source for our tenants, who mainly come from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, but increasingly also from other countries. Our website, available in Dutch, English, German and French, is therefore given a great deal of attention, as is its findability. The accessibility of the website for tenants is great: the search options on our website are extensive and at the same time simple. We also provide extensive information about each property. Our professional team is always ready to provide additional information.

It seems tempting to keep the rental of your property under your own management. However, do realise that a lot of time is involved. Think of phone calls, e-mails, administration, cancellations, complaints, etc. Team Villa is happy to take all that work off your hands so that you have time for other things.

We apply a standard fee for our work, which however depends on the property. In order to get a good impression of your property, we ask you to fill in the 'homeowners form' and send it to us. We would also like to receive some photos of your property to get a first idea. You can send these digitally to info@villa.nl

For more information or questions you can of course call us on + 31 (0) 26 362 88 11


Saskia Friso
Managing Director