More about Villa Vakantiewoningen


More about Villa Vakantiewoningen

We, Villa Vakantiewoningen, have been renting out beautiful comprehensive holiday homes of a high standard or exclusive character since 1993. This means that most homes, mostly villas, are equipped with all conveniences, such as a luxury kitchen and a private swimming pool. But it can also be houses with an exceptional view or a unique location.

The accommodations have been personally visited by us

In every home we have looked around extensively and we stand one hundred percent for what is promised. Because Villa Vakantiewoningen is on a small scale we can give our clients a lot of personal attention. We consider quality and unburdening to be very important for both tenants and homeowners.


Saskia Friso

Managing Director

About 25 years ago I helped to set up Villa and then worked there for 18 years with great pleasure. After a number of years of experience elsewhere, I am back at Villa Vakantiewoningen and will focus mainly on developing this beautiful company. To support me in this, a number of very experienced experts came on board. All of them are commercial people who have earned their spurs in the trade.

Jolanda Venema

Back-office from the Netherlands

With my husband and daughter I live and work in pleasant Brabant The Netherlands. With over 12 years of experience as office manager at Kuijpers Rent a Holiday Villa rental company in France, I feel at Villa like a fish in the water. Choosing a wonderful holiday in a beautiful villa starts at your home with a journey through our website. If you have any questions when selecting a villa, I will be your first point of contact.

Theo Harbers

Consultant Languedoc / Rousillon

I have now been established and working in the Hérault and Aude regions (Languedoc-Roussillon) for 20 years. I am a freelance consultant for Villa. I can also support owners with sales or new construction.

Marilou de Vries

Acquisition Dordogne / Charente

Together with my partner I live and work in the Dordogne. Customer contact in particular has always been one of the most enjoyable parts of my work. I am very much looking forward to also publish the villas as well and as clearly as possible so that a good match can be made between the villas and our tenants.

Bob the Villa

Air acrobat

Despite the fact that I haven't made as many flight hours as the rest of the team, nothing goes too high for me to picture a villa properly. I can't wait to capture every beautiful sight or view; sometimes I also take a look inside a villa. My mission is to visualize the villas as well as possible for the tenants!

I can be booked by appointment